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The Episode starts with Akshu talking to Abhinav’s pic. Abhir looks on and gets sad. She wipes tears and asks him to come. She makes him sleep. She goes aside and looks at the moon. She thinks Abhir misses you a lot, sorry, I couldn’t do anything for us, I miss you a lot, happy anniversary. Abhir comes and says I know you are missing dad a lot, I m also missing him. She sees him wearing a sock. She hugs him. She says not just you and me, everyone misses him, he misses you a lot, he is in our heart, memories and sky, he wants you to go to school and play football. Abhir says I tried a lot, I miss him when I go to school and eat food, he used to do so many things, how will I do this work. She thinks he is in pain. He asks can’t this happen that I go to him. She shouts Abhir. He cries. She says sorry and runs out of the house. Abhi is near his car. He sees her. She recalls Abhinav. She cries and falls back. He sits behind her back and says its okay, its me, you can rest. She says sorry, I have shouted on Abhir. He says its okay, no mum shouts on her child without a reason. She says he is missing his dad, he asked can this happen that he goes to his dad, I couldn’t tolerate it. He says situation is diff, its not your mistake. She says I should have listened to him. He says parents should be responsible, but you are alone, you don’t feel guilty, you have to understand your pain, you have a right to cry, shout, its okay, are you facing your pain. She says I miss Abhinav a lot, but Abhir is the most imp, his exams are coming, I m not worried for school, but he shouldn’t sit at home, he never liked to stay at home, we have to do something, else he will learn to live with this pain.

Its morning, Abhi comes to take Abhir’s books. He gets Abhinav’s diary and says how can I read it, I will give it to Akshu. The diary falls. He reads PJ diary for Nikke ji. He smiles reading it. He says he has written a diary for junior, its an impossible task for me, how will I do this, I can’t become like him, but I will do this for Abhir, thanks. Abhir yawns. He says I don’t want to study, I m feeling sleepy. Abhi says mind sleeps when you sleep a lot, I have an idea to wake up your mind. He tells jokes. Abhir says don’t joke. Abhi says you will laugh now. Abhir scolds him. Akshu and Muskaan come. Akshu says calm down. Muskaan says come with me, no one can take your dad’s place. Akshu asks what’s wrong with you, why are you trying to become like Abhinav. He says sorry. She says sorry, you just tried to make him laugh. She gets a call and says I can’t come to court, I will find another lawyer for you, really sorry. He says its your second case, you have to do it. She says you think I will leave Abhir and go, he is the most imp, work isn’t possible. He asks why, you also need a break, I m here, I m free today, I will handle, go. She says I know what I m doing.

Manish says I m worried for Abhir and Akshu also. Abhi says she isn’t fine, she isn’t listening, you have to help me in explaining her. Akshu looks on. She calls and says I m coming to fight the case. She says I can face the world alone and I will show it. She goes. Abhir sees Abhinav’s pic and recalls everyone. She says sorry, I m a bad boy, I m hurting everyone, I don’t like without you, I miss you, help me please.

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