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The Episode starts with Muskaan coming to Akshu. Akshu turns to see. Muskaan goes aside. She says the man responsible for Abhinav’s death and Abhir’s depression, Akshu is with him, she isn’t a kid, she is doing this deliberately. She goes. Abhi says I pushed Akshu to come to court. Akshu says thanks. Abhi asks will it rain today, the traffic gets jammed during rains. She says I know you are diverting the topic, so that we don’t talk about my anxiety attack, I m scared. He says sorry, if I knew you will get anxiety attack, I would have not forced you. She says no, you didn’t force me, I wanted to prove I m strong, I couldn’t do. He asks did you see boxing match, if you lose the first round, it doesn’t mean you lose the entire match, you are not knocked out, its second round, its your turn, knock out the fear. She says I should have told this to Abhir and explain him, but I couldn’t do this, I m a bad mom. He says no, you are a human, not God, human can just try, we are trying, he needs time to heal. She says I have failed as a mom. He says don’t lose. A football breaks the car glass. She picks the ball and gets angry. The boys come and asks for the ball. She stabs the ball with a pen. Abhi thinks I asked her to fight with life, she is fighting with boys. Muskaan drinks tea and sits angry. Kairav comes and talks to her. He says husband and wife’s fights shouldn’t drag for long, I m sorry, please, your name is also Muskaan, I bought an amazing saree for you, think about going to Mumbai, okay, we won’t talk about Mumbai, see this and tell me how is it. She gets up and the tea falls over the saree. He says you don’t care about me. She says I m focussing on Abhi and Akshu. He says fine, stay stuck there, our relation is getting distance because of your anger. She throws the saree and cries. Akshu gives the ball. The boy asks her to give 400rs.

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