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The Episode starts with Akshu saying its okay, I will go. She prays and says just take a step and I will take away your pain. She is about to fall. Abhir shouts mumma and holds her. She smiles. Manjiri says Abhir must come, else what will we do. Ruhi says be positive. Abhi says I m sure Akshu will get junior. Ruhi sees Abhir and shouts. Everyone smiles. Abhi says we can play now, are you ready, junior. Akshu says he didn’t come to play, he came to cheer for us, but the match is there, I have an idea. The boys come on their bikes and make noise. Everyone looks on. Surekha says they look like Raavan sena. The boys come and look at them. A boy says madam got this team. Another boy says they are playing new clothes, matching, new glass would have got fixed in this money. Dadi comes in front and signs the boys to see the banner. They read Badtameez Boys. They argue. Kairav says I won’t call Muskaan. Everyone prepares for the match and get talking. Akshu and Abhi see Abhir. Manish asks them to come. Manjiri asks Akshu are you sure your plan will work. Akshu says yes, we are doing this for Abhir. They all join hands. Everyone begins the game. Abhir sits watching them. Mahima and Dadi cheer for the team. Manjiri sees the ball and says no, Kanha ji… She screams.

Abhi says hit it, it’s not a bomb. The boys laugh and take the ball. Manish gets tired and asks how will I play in this old age. Ruhi hits a goal. The boy says its cheating. Manish laughs. The boy says we won’t leave them now. They hit a goal. Abhir thinks the team I good, they will make mumma lose. He sees the players and says his ankle is left, that boy kicks only with left foot, and his passing isn’t good. Abhir asks what are you doing. Manjiri hits a goal for the other team by mistake. Abhi says its their goal, what did you do. Manjiri says sorry, I didn’t see. Akshu says everyone will pass the ball to Ruhi. Suwarna says we are running in this age for Abhir. They talk about Abhir. Ruhi signs about Abhir coming. Abhir gets water for them. He says I m helping. The boys joke and laugh. Abhir says listen to me carefully, Kairav shouldn’t get scared and hit the ball, Manish should take the ball for more time, Ruhi is the best player, she has hit the goal. Akshu says thanks, our plan is working, his smile will return.

Abhir thinks just 2 mins left. Abhi looks around. The boy asks where will you pass the ball now. Abhi thinks I have to get junior on the field. He falls. Manjiri holds him. He says I m fine. Kairav says walk and show. Abhi can’t walk. He says I will be fine if I put some spray. Manish and Kairav take Abhi and make him sit. Abhir looks on.

Abhi says Abhir is scared, can I stay here till his exams. Manish says yes. Abhinav’s pic falls. Muskaan scolds Abhi and Akshu.

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