Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the referee saying Akshara team won a penalty, who will take it from your team. The boys say no. Manish says I can’t take it, I m wearing lenses. The boy says go home, bath with hot water. Akshu says we donated a goal in charity. The boy says we gave it in charity, thinking some old man can get a heart attack. Akshu says we will see who loses. Abhi says stop fighting. Dadi asks where is Abhir. Everyone looks around. The boys laugh. Everyone sees Abhir keeping his foot on the ball. The boy asks will this little boy take the penalty. Abhir says yes, I will hit the goal. The boy jokes. Everyone cheers for Abhir. Abhir hits the goal. The goalkeeper falls. Everyone claps for Abhir. Manish dances with Abhir. Akshu thinks Abhir isn’t smiling. She recalls Abhinav. Abhir smiles. Akshu smiles and wards off the bad sight. Yeh Rishta….plays… Akshu goes to Abhi and says you got hurt, it was your plan to make Abhir come on the ground. Abhir looks on. Abhi says Abhir is happy, I can do anything for him. Ruhi asks Abhir to come. They go. Abhi says congrats, Abhir is happy. Akshu says let me help you, we have made Abhir smile, its just the start, we will teach him staying happy, we will bring him out of depression. They smile seeing Abhir dancing.

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