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The Episode starts with Akshu hugging Muskaan and consoling her. Muskaan says sorry, I won’t come on Raksha bandhan tomorrow, else I will cry and your happiness will be lost, please, don’t force me. She sees Kairav and Manish. She goes. Manish says Kairav, its tough to understand her feelings, she has lost her everything, a person learns coping at a turn, but she has to reach that turn herself. Kairav says let me go, she will cry in office also. Akshu says no, she will miss Abhinav here, we should give her time. Abhir says sorry Ruhi. Ruhi says its okay. He says come on time. She says I will come before time and I got rakhi for you. He says I also got rakhi for you, you always protect me. She says good. Aarohi says Abhir will tie you rakhi, you have to give him a gift, we will buy it in the morning. Manjiri says we made rakhis, what gift did you get for me, I m sure you will like the gift I got for you. Mahima says I also got it for you, but I won’t gift wrap. Shefali says I will do it. Abhi says Nishta has sent Rakhis and asked us to tie it to each other. Parth says amazing, we will have bro bro rakhi this time.

Manish and everyone are busy in preparations. Akshu makes Swastik on the papers. Abhir asks is it any art project. Akshu says no. Dadi says we put this on house’s main door and every door of the house so that we get peace, happiness and prosperity today. Abhir jokes. They laugh. Akshu goes to Kairav and asks where is Muskaan. He says she went to office. She says its okay, she will stay distracted in work. He says her office is closed, I don’t know what to do, I feel I failed as a husband. She says just support her, you will pass. Muskaan talks to Neela on call. She says Kairav isn’t happy because of me, how shall I forget Abhinav. Neela explains her. She says you got that family because of Abhinav, its his gift, keep it safe, share your joy and sorrow with them, you lost him, don’t lose your family. Muskaan says I will try my best. Neela cries and says I regret Abhinav’s leaving.

Abhir spoils his kurta. Akshu asks him to change and come. She gets Sandhya’s call. she asks are you fine, don’t worry, send me your live location and reach the police station. She says I had sent legal notice to her Sasural, my client got scared and ran away, she is my danger, I have to go. She goes. Suwarna says stop her. Manish says she is a lawyer, she will be alright. Suwarna says no, please stop her. Kairav says don’t worry, nothing will happen to her. Muskaan comes home. She says thanks Amma, I really got a good family. The goons come and say maybe this girl is lawyer Akshara Sharma. They stop Muskaan. She asks who are you, what are you doing here. Goon says boss said we have to kidnap you. She asks who boss, I will shout, step back. He says shout, lets see who comes. She shouts to Kairav. She sees Akshu.

Akshu asks how dare you enter my house and touch her. She beats them. Muskaan shouts. Everyone hears her and rushes out. Abhi comes with his family. Akshu beats the goons with a bat. Manish says beat them more. Akshu holds Muskaan’s hand. Goons run away. Muskaan hugs Akshu and cries. She asks are you fine. Akshu asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Muskaan says I felt after Abhinav left, I have no one to protect me, I m sorry, I forgot you are there. Akshu says I can try that you don’t miss him, sorry, you fell in danger because of me. Muskaan asks can I tie rakhi to you. Akshu smiles and says yes. Muskaan ties the rakhi to her. Everyone smiles.

Akshu and Aarohi do Kairav’s aarti and tilak. They tie the rakhis to him. They feed him sweets. He gives their gifts. Abhir and Ruhi also tie rakhi to each other. Yeh Rishta kya….plays… Shefali says Shivu didn’t come, he is sick, he has sent gifts for you. Ruhi thanks her. Manjiri wishes Mahima and ties the rakhi. Mahima also ties the rakhi to her. Parth and Abhi give gifts to each other. He says I got a watch, the same thing you got for me. They smile. Dadi says I don’t want anything than this, the family celebrates together. Ruhi says but I want food, I m hungry. Kairav takes her. Abhir says Akshu is fighter. Abhi says I m scared of her. She says then stay safe. She goes to her room and says Abhir and Ruhi were smiling. Abhir shows the rakhi to Abhinav and talks to his pic. He says Akshu has beaten bad uncles with a bat. She says you talk to him like this. He says yes. She hugs him and says you are the best son. Muskaan sees Kairav talking to Pallavi on call. He says Gulab jamuns are my fav. She asks who is Pallavi. He says manager. She says Kumar was the manager. He says he got retired, Pallavi joined recently.

Its morning, Akshu feeds Abhir. Manjiri feeds Abhi. They are connected on video call. Ruhi jokes on Abhi. Manjiri says I will scold Abhi even when he grows old. Abhi says I will call back. Mahima says I need to talk to you. Abhir says let me hear it, it will be fun. Mahima says we decided it, you will become the new MD of Birla hospital. Aarohi says wow, congrats, you got this position for the second time. Abhir says wow. Akshu takes the phone and says you wish him later, go and get ready for school. Parth leaves the breakfast. Abhi says Parth… Anand says this had to happen. Mahima says we know you are the best choice, we will make the official announcement, congrats.

Akshu sings Dil se bandhi…. Abhi recalls Akshu. He says I have to go. He goes out and thinks its past, I have no right to recall those memories.

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