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The Episode starts with Ruhi saying its good news, smile poppy, I m so proud of you. Manish says I m so proud of Abhi, he has become MD for the second time by his hard work. Dadi says I wish he stays happy. Akshu thinks is Kairav worried about Muskaan. She messages him. She asks why are you in tension, is everything okay between Muskaan and you. He replies yes, I have work tension, ups and downs happen, it will get time with time. Muskaan comes and moves his phone to keep the food plate. He takes the phone and says sorry, I m getting an imp call. The doctors congratulate Abhi and give a bouquet. Aarohi says you should say thanks, aren’t you happy. He says I m confused, I feel if I m snatching something from Parth. She says it’s a hospital responsibility, not family asset to give it to anyone, Mahima is Parth’s supporter, she decided this, she will reply to him, he has become sorted, say thanks when anyone congratulates. He says thanks. She says I want to discuss this case. He gets Abhir’s call. He says I m busy, call mumma, what, I m coming. She asks all okay? He runs.

He comes home. He says no, never, I won’t sing. Abhir says my marks will get less, sing for me, I got an award, my marks will get less. Abhi says I can’t sing, it will get us insulted. Abhir says you have to sing, please. Abhi says please, I can’t. Ruhi says enough, stop, I have an idea. Muskaan comes home. She looks for water. She sees Kairav’s phone. She says no, I shouldn’t check his phone. She tries to unlock. She enters birth date. It doesn’t match. Kairav comes from the washroom. She keeps the phone. He says you came home early from office, amazing. She says yes, work got over so I came, I have to go to Suwarna to help her. She goes. He sees his phone. He says I had put my phone on charging….

Akshu says it got late, we shall sleep. Manish shuts the door. Someone knocks the door. Dadi asks did the goons come. Surekha says we should call the police. Manish opens the door and sees Abhi. He asks is everything fine at home. Abhi says there is a big problem, where is Akshu. He recalls Ruhi saying Akshu can’t sing with Abhir, but she can teach Abhi. Abhir thanks her. FB ends. Abhi asks will you teach me singing. Manish asks will you sing. They laugh. Akshu says you are joking. Abhi says no, your son has given my name without asking me and now he is threatening me. Manish and everyone go. Abhi asks will you teach me or not, if he loses, then he will make your life tough. She says fine, I will teach you, come in the morning, congrats for becoming MD, come at sharp 6am, else class cancel. He says thanks and leaves.

Its morning, Akshu asks him to start with Sa. Abhi sings Saregama… She laughs. He says don’t make fun of me, I need time. She says I will sing, you listen. She sings Dil se bandhi… He recalls Akshu’s singing. He gets sad.

At home, Abhi says how can I make such a big mistake, its our past, I have no right to think of those memories. Shefali says don’t get upset, no one has control on memories. He asks how can I think of that, its wrong. She says we can control our actions, thoughts can be good and bad, it doesn’t matter. He says she trusts me. She says that window is closed, when wind comes from an open window, books’ pages get turned, relax, old connection got triggered because of music, don’t think much. He says you are right, I hope this doesn’t happen again.

Kairav asks did you check my phone yesterday. Muskaan says no. He says the phone was removed from charger and I saw wrong password on it, I have to ask the staff if someone from them is trying to hack it. She says yes, I had to talk to Neela, sorry to touch your phone, what’s in the phone, you snatched the phone from my hand. He says you doubt me, take my phone, check it well, you keep it, Akshu was asking me about us through messages, I deleted that so that you don’t feel bad. She asks what did you answer her. He says I told her everything will get fine with time. She says you mean our marriage has problems. He says you aren’t in right frame of mind. He gets Pallavi’s message. Muskaan says your manager is messaging Hi at 11pm, maybe you took Akshu’s name for this matter. He asks what. She goes. Its morning, Abhi comes home. Akshu says you are late, function is today only, did you practice the vocal exercises. He smiles. She says come back on the planet, where are you lost. He says no, I m in tension. She says I got a student like you, I should be in tension. He says I will sing. She says sing, sit, what happened, why are you not singing. She says close your eyes, your fear will go away, Abhir will be with you on stage, you can sing. He closes eyes and sings. She plays the guitar. Aye zindagi…plays…. She claps for him.

Abhi and Abhir dance on stage. Akshu picks a trophy. Abhi saves her from a car and scolds her. She says nothing can change between us.

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