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The Episode starts with Akshu smiling seeing everyone. She continues singing. Manjiri opens her eyes. Everyone looks on. She sees Akshu. Everyone thanks God. Manjiri asks is Abhi fine. Akshu says yes, he is fine. Abhi cries. They all go inside. Nurse says so many people can’t come inside. Mahima hugs Manjiri and says you scared everyone. Abhi recalls everyone’s words and goes out. Akshu goes after him and calls him out. She says you know you can’t stay without seeing Maa, she is looking for you, meet her once, she will be satisfied that you are fine. He says she was calling me and I didn’t go, she is the best mum, I can’t go to her, thanks, I couldn’t do a son’s duty, you did a daughter’s duty, you saved her from fire and now also, you understand her heart, I m not a good soon. She says you are a good son. He says I don’t deserve her love, I should be away. She says mum needs you, you are hugging this guilt instead her.

At home, Manish says whatever he is feeling is natural. Akshu says Maa needs him. Manish explains him. He says children doubt themselves when it comes to look after their parents. Surekha asks why shall we understand always, those mum and son had burdened Akshu with guilt, they left her to die, since they got to know about Abhir, they started coming, he should suffer now. Akshu says enough, I can’t wish my enemy to have a tough time, he is Abhir’s father, he saved Abhir’s life and gave his custody. Manjiri asks where is Abhi. Aarohi and Shefali lie to her. Manjiri says I would wake up from sleep if my son is with me. Abhir and Ruhi come and hug Manjiri. They ask her is she fine. Manjiri says I m fine now. They ward off her bad sight. She smiles. Pallavi asks Kairav to come for lunch. Muskaan comes and says he won’t go anywhere. She introduces herself. She says I have come to take my husband on date. She gives the flowers to Kairav. She asks are you married, get married soon, one finds alliance with difficulty if age gets high. Pallavi goes. Kairav taunts Muskaan on her jealousy. She says I got the flowers with love. He says I have made this mistake, don’t do this, no use.

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